Kat takes on Gopi Boy

Dec 30

Chapter 3B ― 'The Madras Mangler' Gopi Boy sends Kathyayani a friend request. Silence. Doesn’t she know who he is? He sends her a message. 'Hi. Gopi Boy here. I sent you interest on SatiSavitri Matrimonials.' '……...' 'I really like you. You will make me good wife.' '………' 'I like sweet, shy girls!' 'Sweet, shy? &%$# I’m seething.' 'What is that? Like sizzling hot? So nice.' 'Not nice. Never nice. Didn’t you see my refusal?' 'Yes, yes. Think some mistake.' 'No mistake Bheem Boy.' 'No no. Bheem B...  Read more

Gopi Boy finds a girl

Dec 28

Chapter 3A ― ‘The Madras Mangler’ Gopi Boy was thrilled when he saw Kathyayani’s profile on the SatiSavitri website which he looked up regularly. It promised ‘pious brides’ who could presumably bring their husbands back from Yamalok or the local bar, as the case may be. He liked her pretty face and her traditional name. He could already see the pictures he would take of her for his Facebook page: clutching his muscled arm, leaning against his posh car, making him bajjis in his modular kitchen. But he couldn...  Read more

James Bond. Hercule Poirot. Edward Cullen. Harry Potter.

Dec 02

What links these characters to success and the pot of gold? Gizmos. Flashy cars and babes. Espionage. Who does this series of images remind you of? The dapper James Bond, of course. Or consider this: Egg-shaped head, a military moustache, a Belgian detective. It’s almost too easy. Move on to more recent times and we have the vampire with the pale skin that sparkles in sunlight and the brooding intensity that makes girls swoon. And the youngster with bright green eyes, round glasses held to...  Read more