A man falls in love with a machine? Really?

Feb 26

her2 Yes, Theodore absolutely adores the sexy, purry, chuckly voice of his OS – his operating system – who has named herself Samantha. She asks about his day, cheers him up when he sounds mopey, has OS-sex with him, arranges a body-surrogate (!) for him to sleep with… need I say more? Othe...  Read more

Are we reading too much these days?

Feb 17

Hey, I’m not talking about books. (Especially as my suspense thriller, ‘The Madras Mangler’, is just out!) I’m talking about all those articles which go blah, blah all the time, contradicting what they said just the previous day. Consider what they say on health or diets for instance. Eat three balanced meals a day, says one. No, make that six small meals, says another. Ha, you’re mistaken. Eat only on alternate days; or only when the moon is rising. Eat carbs, don’t eat carbs. Fat is good, fat is the biggest evil known to mankind. ...  Read more