Chick lit, love stories and a reluctant author

May 27

Bridget Jones’s Diary ― Yay! Sex and the City ― Yippee! The Shopaholic series ― I’m getting goosebumps. We’ve all read or heard of these books and watched the movie versions. Nearer at home, we’re familiar with Rajashree’s Trust Me and Anuja Chauhan’s The Zoya Factor. These books feature a sexy lady in designer wear and stilettos, romping merrily through love affairs, shopping sprees, work crises, weight issues and pushy moms. They seem so airy-fairy, requiring little or no brai...  Read more

The Perfect Groom

May 27

I read Sumeetha Manikandan's The Perfect Groom at a stretch as it flows easily, carrying you along on the tide of Nithya's story. The premise is simple, that of an arranged marriage and what happens when the perfect groom turns out to be not so perfect after all. This is something that happens only too often in the lives of many young girls in India and hence has a ring of authenticity. The characters and situations are familiar to us from our own lives ― the uncle who shows off to the world how charitable he is; the girl who worries...  Read more

If one is good, is two better?

May 19

Now, is that a trick question? Maybe…. Who wouldn’t like to have more? More riches, friends, clothes, books, Facebook likes ― whatever makes you happy. But then, can you have too much of a good thing? An elderly relative of mine lives in a gracious old home laden with artifacts, embroidered quilts, rosewood chests and memories. She often said she must find homes for her treasures and clear up the junk while she was still alive. Otherwise her children would declare that her ghost had visited them in their sleep and told them to pile he...  Read more

Hunting Down the Mangler by Jaibala Rao

May 02

Jaibala Rao says The Madras Mangler is a brilliant book that thriller lovers must read - in her blog at After reading a fair few not so great books, a good book comes like an oasis in the desert. Madras Mangler by Usha Narayanan was such a book. A out and out fast paced, crime thriller, I finished reading the 270 odd pages in an evening. I can safely say the book was unputdownable. PLOT: A serial Killer is lose in Chennai, killing College going girls and dumping their ...  Read more