Talking with Usha Narayanan, Writing

Writer’s Ezine interviews Usha

Nov 14

Read online here. 1. Welcome to Writer’s Ezine. Congratulations on the success of your second book ‘Pradyumna: Son of Krishna’. So tell us, what made you write this book? To put it simply, I fell in love with Pradyumna! He is Kama reborn; he is the son of Krishna, the ultimate purusha. He is brave, caring, and willing to admit his faults and work at overcoming them. And most importantly, he was almost completely mine...  Read more

‘Poetry in prose. Warms up your heart.’ Writer’s Ezine

Nov 14

Read online here. 1. Cover: The cover is very beautifully designed with an eye catching figure of a bulky man in bright colours. One that makes a reader want to grab the book from a shelf instantaneously. 2. Presentation: We rarely get to hear any tales about characters who are not the central ones in either of our epics Ramayana or Mahabharata. Here the author has chosen a lesser known hero and made him larger than life in her words. The prese...  Read more

University of Oklahoma: Pradyumna as suggested reading

Nov 04

Read online here. Overview: Narayanan. Pradyumna Comments: This is a brand-new book, first published this summer, exploring the exciting adventures of Krishna's own son, Pradyumna. For a quick idea about Pradyumna's life and adventures, check out the Wikipedia page. Title: Pradyumna: Son of Krishna Author: Usha Narayanan Year: 2015 I haven't prepared a detailed Reading Guide here, but yo...  Read more

“GRAB IT TODAY; thank me later.” Deep Downer

Nov 04

Read online here. My Review: I'll start this with a little confession: Mythology is one of the two genres I always liked the least; the other one being horror. Wait; there's a third too; add erotica to the list. (sorry E.L James). Grunting over. Coming back to Pradyumna, it is written by a writer who I revere, Usha Narayanan. Naturally, I had to give the genre, another try. It pleasantly turned out to...  Read more