Talking with Usha Narayanan

‘Living my dream’ – Interview in Open Road Review

Dec 16

Read online here. Nalini Priyadarshni: I read your first novel Madras Mangler and have been a fan ever since. It was such a well written murder mystery that one would expect you to follow with more thrillers but you have been experimenting with your creative abilities ― from thriller to mythological to romcom. Though as a reader I am not complaining, it would be interesting to know why this shift in genre after such su...  Read more

Usha speaks on ‘Love, Lies and Layoffs’ – Dr Roopleen

Dec 16

Read online here. Roopleen: Can you give us a quick rundown on what your new book ‘Love, Lies and Layoffs’ is all about? Usha Narayanan: The book is set in the current scenario where people will do anything in order to get what they want from life -whether it is money, success or power. It sets you thinking on whether it is possible at all to find true love amidst office power play and politics. ‘Love, Lies and Layoffs’ is a heart-warming tale of life today that will a...  Read more

It’s like watching a movie in your mind – Privy Trifles

Dec 16

Read online here. After a long time I read a mythological fiction which was so perfect in its research. It felt refreshingly good to read the book as it spoke volumes about the effort the author has put in behind the book. The narrative , the details, the scene and the description of the wars everything was so stupendous that it makes you imagine it all. It feels as if you are watching a movie in your mind. The best thi...  Read more

A literary treat for you –

Dec 16

Read full review by Mahesh Sowani online here. Usha Narayanan's new novel Pradyumna is about the son of Lord Krishna. Praduymna and Samba are the two sons of Krishna born from different mothers. Pradyumna has many demons to slay - Kaalsura, Nikumbha, Banasura and Vajranabha. Thus there is lot of action in the book. The way the author describes these battles is simply brilliant. She articulates the various weapons, war fi...  Read more