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My love affair with Easwari Library

Aug 29

eas Yesterday, I chanced upon a listing of my latest fantasy thriller ‘The Secret of God’s Son’ on the Easwari Library website! I was thrilled to see this new link between me and an old friend and searched further. I found two more of my books in the library’s listings ― ‘Pradyumna: ...  Read more

Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right – Varsha Dixit

Aug 28

VD banner The blurb: Love is in the air again… and this time it’s steamy, bold and manipulative! Gayatri, a rich, spoiled diva, is fighting to establish herself even as her tyrant father pushes her into a life not of her choice. Viraj is a genius and a con wh...  Read more

An intense mythological tale of epic proportions – Devika Fernando

Aug 24

I am generally a bit weary of sequels, especially if the first book was a smashing hit, because they often fail to live up to their expectations. “The Secret of God’s Son” is the sequel to “Pradyumna – Son of Krishna”, and I have to say it definitely does live up to my expectations. The center around which everything else revolves is Pradyumna, son of Krishna. Once again, upon this hero’s shoulders lies the heavy burden of having to rescue the world. The prologue sets the scene, and it was one of my favourite chapters. It made ...  Read more

‘I shall read one more chapter,’ I said and read it in one go! New Asian Writing

Aug 15

Review in New Asian Writing by Divya R Bandodkar. Read online: here. The story of Pradyumna is an inspiration in itself. The start of the actual tale takes time (I found it kind of slow at the very beginning) but then as you read through the chapters, the pace sort of builds up gradually. But I believe that it was necessary for readers like me who are not well informed about Gods. The naming of the chapters has been done v...  Read more