Secret of God's Son Reviews

Who exactly is Pradyumna? Kama, Vama, or…? – Rubina Ramesh on #TSGS – 5 stars

Nov 28

Read online here. The Story: When you get to review a book penned by an author whom you admire a lot, to read the book and review it becomes a joy. The Secret of God's Son is one such book which will not only remind you of our great heroes and how they became a hero through their trials and tribulations but will also keep you grounded and away from vanity, especially when you read ab...  Read more

Olympus by Devdutt Pattanaik – A Review

Nov 28

d The elegant front cover features an illustration of the Trojan Horse. There is another interesting image on the back cover ― this one of Atlas bearing the world on his shoulders. The blurb ends with the tantalizing words: ‘Long have Europeans and Americans retold Indic mythologies. It is time for Indians to reverse the gaz...  Read more

Myth readers will love it! Kavipriya #TSGS

Nov 08

Read it online here. The Secret of God's Son: That one book which brings together every little thing that I am in love with - Usha Narayanan, Penguin Publishers, a beautiful cover with a peacock feather, and a heartwarming story. A quest to find the 'Secret of God's Son' that would change the destiny of humanity -- said the blurb. What had happened? The minute I started it took me back to the good old days when my grandma would narrate s...  Read more

“Go for it!! You won’t be disappointed!” Devansh Desai #TSGS

Nov 08

Read online here. "The Secret of God's Son," is the sequel to the fabulous mytho-fiction novel, "Pradyumna: Son of Krishna," by Usha Narayanan, that explores Pradyumna's journey post the events of its predecessor, as he is tasked to reverse Gandhari's curse mankind's annihilation. And it does not disappoint! From the opening sequence to the Epilogue, it's a marvelous journey as we are taken back to the yuga of Krishna's exi...  Read more