Myth readers will love it! Kavipriya #TSGS

Nov 08

Read it online here. The Secret of God's Son: That one book which brings together every little thing that I am in love with - Usha Narayanan, Penguin Publishers, a beautiful cover with a peacock feather, and a heartwarming story. A quest to find the 'Secret of God's Son' that would change the destiny of humanity -- said the blurb. What had happened? The minute I started it took me back to the good old days when my grandma would narrate s...  Read more

“Go for it!! You won’t be disappointed!” Devansh Desai #TSGS

Nov 08

Read online here. "The Secret of God's Son," is the sequel to the fabulous mytho-fiction novel, "Pradyumna: Son of Krishna," by Usha Narayanan, that explores Pradyumna's journey post the events of its predecessor, as he is tasked to reverse Gandhari's curse mankind's annihilation. And it does not disappoint! From the opening sequence to the Epilogue, it's a marvelous journey as we are taken back to the yuga of Krishna's exi...  Read more

“Major surprise in final chapters when the secret is revealed!” Swathi Shenoy #TSGS

Nov 01

Read online here. I love mythology and mythological fiction. Though I have read so many books, never had I read about story after the reign of Pandavas and Krishna. Never had I given a thought about what would happen after this. That is exactly what prompted me to read the first book in the series "Pradyumna: The Son of God' I must say I loved it and couldn't stop myself from signing up for this blog tour! I wasn't disappointed...  Read more

“New perspective on ‘Gita’.The book elevates the reader.” Meenakshi #TSGS

Nov 01

Read online here. ‘Mahabharata’ has had a major impact on me since childhood and this fact has been mentioned in my previous reviews as well.So, to accept a copy of the book ‘The Secret of God’s Son’ by Usha Narayanan that is based on the great epic was very natural to me! Apart from the review of this book, I have also added my very own analogy and interpretation of the story in this post…. The book cover is a perfect teas...  Read more