‘I cried when I read about Krishna leaving the earth… Lovely fiction!’ #TSGS #TBC Review

Sep 24

Read Sundari Venkatraman's awesome review online here. I had read Usha Narayanan’s first book in the series called, Pradyumna, Son of Krishna and had been mighty impressed by the same. So, I sat down to read The Secret of God’s Son with great enthusiasm and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. The writing flows comfortably in the author’s perfect language that’s absolutely suitable for the genre she’s written. ...  Read more

‘Do your characters hijack the story?’ Guest post on #TSGS #TBC

Sep 24

Read online on Ruchira Khanna's blog here. Today I got an opportunity to have a tete a tete moment with a prolific writer/author. The Usha Narayanan! I am in awe of her creation thus my question: "You are the queen of mythos, Usha. Have always been curious ― while writing, do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you hold the reins?" Interesting question, Ruchira! My very fir...  Read more

Guest Post with Paromita – the adrenaline rush of writing!

Sep 21

Read online here. “Completing a book in any genre gives you an adrenaline rush equivalent to that of winning a medal.” – Usha Narayanan. Today on the Blog Guest Post we have with us the bestselling author, Usha Narayanan whose books have been loved by both adults and young adults alike. With top selling books like The Madras Mangler, Love,Lies and Layoffs, Pradyumna: Son of Kr...  Read more

‘A masterpiece focusing on the vastness of myth’ – Shivani Agrawal #TBC

Sep 21

Read online here. I am someone who loves mythology. I personally love reading different versions on Mahabharata. This book is a sequel to Pradyumna. It’s a must read for mythology lovers! It’s a masterpiece! HIGHLIGHTS The cover is intriguing and attractive and if you look clearly and ponder it signifies that no matter if all the things around you appears bleak and dark there will always be something holding on to you to not give up. There is always...  Read more