‘Great tales of post Mahabharata era’ Arnab Chaudhuri #TSGS

Sep 25

Read online here. REVIEW - THE SECRET OF GOD'S SON BY USHA NARAYANAN Yet another well scribed mythic-history story. The language is lucid and the book is quite well paced. The way the story flows portrays the extensive research done by the author. Though this book is a sequel of “Praduymna the God’s son” but still without reading the first one I never felt at loss. In fact I hardly knew anything about ...  Read more

The Smitten Husband by Sundari Venkatraman – Review #TBC

Sep 24

Marriages Made in India Book #1 Blurb: Ram Maheshwari is a successful jewellery designer who has a huge showroom on MI Road, Jaipur. He’s tall, dark, handsome and a billionaire to boot. He’s twenty-nine and falls in with his parents’ wishes when they try to arrange his marriage. The lovely, stormy-eyed Sapna Purohit is from Pushkar. She’s managed to finish school and makes a living by doing mehendi designs during weddings. She’s always dreamt of a Prince on a white horse, sweeping her off her fe...  Read more

‘I cried when I read about Krishna leaving the earth… Lovely fiction!’ #TSGS #TBC Review

Sep 24

Read Sundari Venkatraman's awesome review online here. I had read Usha Narayanan’s first book in the series called, Pradyumna, Son of Krishna and had been mighty impressed by the same. So, I sat down to read The Secret of God’s Son with great enthusiasm and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. The writing flows comfortably in the author’s perfect language that’s absolutely suitable for the genre she’s written. ...  Read more

‘Do your characters hijack the story?’ Guest post on #TSGS #TBC

Sep 24

Read online on Ruchira Khanna's blog here. Today I got an opportunity to have a tete a tete moment with a prolific writer/author. The Usha Narayanan! I am in awe of her creation thus my question: "You are the queen of mythos, Usha. Have always been curious ― while writing, do your characters seem to hijack the story or do you feel like you hold the reins?" Interesting question, Ruchira! My very fir...  Read more