The Secret of God’s Son Review by NovembersChild #TBC

Sep 17

Read online here. The present book The Secret of God’s Son is the sequel to author Usha Narayanan’s last year released successful book Pradyumna- Son of Krishna. I do not prefer great epics or mythology but as I signed up for a review (for a genre change), I read it. The Son of God’s Son did not dissatisfy me. The book has surely lived up to the reputation of being as good as the first part with this sequel. I appreciate author Usha Narayan...  Read more

Top 3 things about Pradyumna – Interview by Falguni Kothari #TBC

Sep 15

Read online here. 1) Top 3 things readers should know about Pradyumna Though he is the son of god, Pradyumna is as mortal as we are and must overcome his weaknesses if he wishes to attain his goal. As he journeys from the asura palace to Dwaraka and then to Yamaloka, Kailasa and Vaikunta, he discovers more about himself, inspiring us too to elevate ourselves. He evolves painfully and gradually into an ideal husban...  Read more

The Secret of God’s Son – Review by Ramya Abhinand #TBC

Sep 15

Read online here. The book takes you on an interesting journey along with Pradyumna for, he is going to be the savior of all of mankind. It’s a cruel curse that Queen Gandhari cast upon Lord Krishna, and the consequences are not going to be good. Pradyumna has to save mankind from the evil clutches of Kali. He of course has the support of his loving wife Maya, yet, for Pradyumna this is no easy task. How doe...  Read more

My Guest Post on Surbhi Sareen’s Blog #TBC

Sep 12

Hello fellow readers, Today I would like to invite a well known personality who has recently launched her novel The Secret of God’s Son. With the novel reveal you might have guessed who she is! Yes, She is our dear Usha Narayanan. Over to you ma'am! Guest Topic: Which is the most comfortable genre for you to write and why? I did not really agonize over a choice of genre and blithely wrote whatever took my fancy. First came a thriller (‘The Madras Mangler’), next a romcom (‘Love, Lies and Layoffs’) and two myt...  Read more