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“A good read with tea and fritters on a rainy evening”

Aug 03

Prachi Percy Sharma writes a sparkling, sensitive review of my suspense thriller 'The Madras Mangler'. Read online here. First of all, it's rare to find a crime thriller written in India. Second of all, it's even rarer to find a well written, well researched crime thriller. Usha Narayanan's The Madras Mangler is one of those books. The story revolves around five young women studying in Chennai's SS Padmaja colle...  Read more

Inspired – Morsels & Juices Interview

Aug 06

Advice for aspiring authors, getting from the slush pile to the book store, why write a thriller? Answers for these and more questions here. M& J: 1. You were a successful advertising professional. Tell us a little more about yourself. UN: I studied in Presentation Convent, Church Park and Ethiraj College. I got Masters degrees in English Literature and Education, and followed up with a course in creative writ...  Read more

On writer’s block and George Clooney ~ Author interview

Jul 09

Here's Ruchi Vasudeva's rocking rapidfire interaction with Usha Narayanan, author of The Madras Mangler.: Q: Tell us something about yourself and how you got into writing. Writing came easily to me and an MA in English Literature made it a natural choice. I spent many years writing to a client’s brief, whether for advertising or radio, corpcomm or websites. In the last two years I started writing for myself, playing both the Queen and King of Hearts from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. One proclaims “Off with their he...  Read more

The Blog Tour – The Madras Mangler

Jul 09

Rocking reviews and interviews by ace bloggers, featuring The Madras Mangler by Usha Narayanan. Here is popular blogger Rubina Ramesh's take on the book: The story itself starts with a nail-biting incident. College ragging at its brutal worst! How can young minds be so cruel? This is one question that has always troubled me. So, you can very well understand when it started with this incident, I was caught up in this book totally. Kudos to Usha Narayanan for writing such an action-packed novel. She is no shrinking violet when it com...  Read more