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‘One of the best creations in mythology’ – Saheli Chatterjee #TSGS

Oct 07

Read online here. When I received my copy of the book I could not wait to tear open the package. Being an admirer of Lord Krishna, for me it was no ordinary book. I got some positive vibes from the miraculously simple yet mysterious cover and wondered what was going to unfold. The beauty of the cover thrilled me so much that I ended up Bookstagramming about it and this was loved by my followers. When I started reading - "The Secret...  Read more

Pradyumna: Son of Krishna – Simple yet evocative – Kavita Singh

Oct 07

Read online here. The book "Pradyumna: Son of Krishna" is a fantastic way to delve into the myriad incidents that led to the Kurukshetra war and the reasons for the war that was termed “inevitable”. Interestingly, Usha Narayanan has done a beautiful job of keeping the readers engaged till the end. Drawing on the limitations of being born as a mortal and yet showcasing powers like the gods; the son of Kri...  Read more

Guest Post with Paromita – the adrenaline rush of writing!

Sep 21

Read online here. “Completing a book in any genre gives you an adrenaline rush equivalent to that of winning a medal.” – Usha Narayanan. Today on the Blog Guest Post we have with us the bestselling author, Usha Narayanan whose books have been loved by both adults and young adults alike. With top selling books like The Madras Mangler, Love,Lies and Layoffs, Pradyumna: Son of Kr...  Read more

“I simply loved Pradyumna for whatever he did…” Jasleen Kaur

Sep 21

What happens when the evil forces are getting an upper hand? Will Pradyumna be able to save the Yadu clan and his grandson who is their last hope? Title- I really loved the tricky title. It starts making sense when the last few chapters arrive and the mystery which unfolds is of very high quality. The essence of the good and bad we do is brought out in a great manner. Cover- I liked the Mor-Pankh, I liked the dark background, which resembled the whole tale in a wider manner but I surely wanted something more, a little bit of Prad...  Read more