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The Alphabet Killer by Prachi Sharma – Review

Jan 27

prachi The pink cover draws your attention. Then you see the chilling silhouette of a killer with a knife standing over a girl lying in a pool of blood. Aha! Thriller. You turn to the first page of The Alphabet Killer and see that it features a roadside Romeo harassing a teenage girl. A predictable opening sce...  Read more

“A good read with tea and fritters on a rainy evening”

Aug 03

Prachi Percy Sharma writes a sparkling, sensitive review of my suspense thriller 'The Madras Mangler'. Read online here. First of all, it's rare to find a crime thriller written in India. Second of all, it's even rarer to find a well written, well researched crime thriller. Usha Narayanan's The Madras Mangler is one of those books. The story revolves around five young women studying in Chennai's SS Padmaja colle...  Read more

Love books? Here’s excellent writing advice – Women’s Web

Oct 04

Read online here: Authors drive and reinvent writing for us time and again and when I had the opportunity to ask them one thing that continually challenges their writing, this is what international and Indian women authors had to say. Is there anything you find particularly challenging for you while you are writing and did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? Rasana Atreya: ...  Read more