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Knitted Tales by Rubina Ramesh – Brilliant variety

Oct 11

MY REVIEW: First things first. Sonia Rao’s foreword and the second one by Dola Basu Singh paint a vivid picture of the amazing woman behind Knitted Tales ― Rubina Ramesh. She is ‘a wife, a mother, a businessperson and a citizen of the world, a person with an inquiring mind and strong opinions.’ All these facets of Rubina’s personality are revealed in ‘Knitted Tales – A collection of emotions.’ The book opens with a bang. You are intrigued, petrified and agog as you read A Secret i...  Read more

‘One of the best creations in mythology’ – Saheli Chatterjee #TSGS

Oct 07

Read online here. When I received my copy of the book I could not wait to tear open the package. Being an admirer of Lord Krishna, for me it was no ordinary book. I got some positive vibes from the miraculously simple yet mysterious cover and wondered what was going to unfold. The beauty of the cover thrilled me so much that I ended up Bookstagramming about it and this was loved by my followers. When I started reading - "The Secret...  Read more

Pradyumna: Son of Krishna – Simple yet evocative – Kavita Singh

Oct 07

Read online here. The book "Pradyumna: Son of Krishna" is a fantastic way to delve into the myriad incidents that led to the Kurukshetra war and the reasons for the war that was termed “inevitable”. Interestingly, Usha Narayanan has done a beautiful job of keeping the readers engaged till the end. Drawing on the limitations of being born as a mortal and yet showcasing powers like the gods; the son of Kri...  Read more

Love. Hope. Dharma. #TSGS by Kavita Singh

Oct 07

Read online here. If you have read "Pradyumna: Son of Krishna" then this book will be a natural flow of it. However that doesn’t mean that this book can’t be a standalone read. Usha Narayanan has the gift of putting something so complicated as the different births in the different yugas as well as the reincarnations into an easy read and natural understanding. I won’t dilly-dally with what the book is all abo...  Read more