Who exactly is Pradyumna? Kama, Vama, or…? – Rubina Ramesh on #TSGS – 5 stars

Nov 28

Read online here. The Story: When you get to review a book penned by an author whom you admire a lot, to read the book and review it becomes a joy. The Secret of God's Son is one such book which will not only remind you of our great heroes and how they became a hero through their trials and tribulations but will also keep you grounded and away from vanity, especially when you read ab...  Read more

Olympus by Devdutt Pattanaik – A Review

Nov 28

d The elegant front cover features an illustration of the Trojan Horse. There is another interesting image on the back cover ― this one of Atlas bearing the world on his shoulders. The blurb ends with the tantalizing words: ‘Long have Europeans and Americans retold Indic mythologies. It is time for Indians to reverse the gaz...  Read more

Myth readers will love it! Kavipriya #TSGS

Nov 08

Read it online here. The Secret of God's Son: That one book which brings together every little thing that I am in love with - Usha Narayanan, Penguin Publishers, a beautiful cover with a peacock feather, and a heartwarming story. A quest to find the 'Secret of God's Son' that would change the destiny of humanity -- said the blurb. What had happened? The minute I started it took me back to the good old days when my grandma would narrate s...  Read more