More romance please!

Nov 23

New! A sparkling review of my thriller ‘The Madras Mangler’ by Sumeetha Manikandan, the author of ‘The Perfect Groom’. Sumeetha loves the banter, the suspense and the interesting plot and calls the book ‘a must-read’. But being a romance writer, she naturally wishes that the ‘Mangler’ had more of something: Romance. Of course, Sumeetha. Lots of romance in the next one! The Madras Mangler...  Read more

Sam’s story

Nov 18

Sam This is a gripping story with more twists and turns than my suspense thriller! An avid reader and friend of mine bought a copy of ‘The Madras Mangler’, got me to sign it and took it home. That’s when unexpected things began to happen. The key character in the story, her husband, Thirugnanasambandam Vaithyanathan...  Read more

Kill them if you hate them!

Nov 14

“My thriller is getting published!” I exclaimed to a good friend a few months back. “Great! Hope you killed off some of the nasty people in our lives,” she shot back. Hmm…. Interesting thought. Well, we all have several `Yikes!’ characters in our lives. The nosy parker across the road who is watching to see where you go and when; the aged relative who is ready to cut you to bits with her barbs; the neighbour who wakes you up early every morning with her screechy singing…. But I’ve not written about them in my novel, nor...  Read more

3 hot topics that are most searched on Google

Nov 13

Did you think that people are most interested in reading ‘How to lose 10 kg in one month?' or, ‘How to prevent global warming and save the earth?’ Well, I’m sorry to disillusion you if that’s what you thought. Fact is, we only check out stuff about weight loss when the long-postponed visit to the doctor is looming over the horizon. As for saving the earth, it is often relegated to the bottom of our list of things to do, as we have more important stuff to worry about: 1. My tooth hurts like hell. I’ve got to ...  Read more