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Straight from the heart

Dec 15

Read this interview on writing 'Love, Lies and Layoffs' online here. 1. You have beautifully painted so many colourful characters in the book "Love, Lies and Layoffs". Which is the one that you loved sketching the most? My heroine Freida, a feisty journalist, is my favourite. She is a firebrand with a fine sense of justice and the courage to speak up for what she believes in. I like her sunny nature and positivity in facing up...  Read more

Deft, light, breezy page-turner.

Dec 15

Leela Pal Chaudhuri on 'Love, Lies and Layoffs'. Usha N's nimble depiction of contemporary romance is fun and spirited. Kudos to a rare author who seems to have mastered three different genres - Murder Mystery (The Madras Mangler), Mythology (Pradyumna) and Romance (Love, Lies and Layoffs). Her surest touch though seems to be in Romance, closely followed by Murder Mystery. Let's have more from you Usha Narayanan! ...  Read more