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5 Steps to Writing a Mythological Bestseller

Feb 28

A guest post for the ever-vibrant TBC. Read online here. Steps on writing your manuscript by noted author Usha Narayanan From a seed of a thought to finally writing down the manuscript! How do you germinate and develop the idea and finally go about writing and completing your story? The step-by- step approach. When you drive down a deserted mountain road, you catch fleeting glimpses of mossy paths a...  Read more

The Secret of God’s Son Review by Arti Metroreader #TBC

Sep 17

Read online here. The Story: The story starts with the end of the Battle of Kurukshetra, when Bheema and Vikarna are standing in front of each other and Bheema telling Vikarna to side with the Pandavas and Vikarna refusing and the slaying of Vikarna at the hands of Bheema. The mankind has plunged into darkness by the curse of queen Gandhari. Pradyumna goes to Gandhari and tells her to take back her curse. Pradyumna asks Krishna to bring ...  Read more

Usha speaks to Sanchita Sen #TBC

Sep 17

Read online here. "I think that authors must spin a good yarn and leave the message embedded in the story to be discovered by the reader if he is so inclined. Novels are like portals that let you escape your everyday life into an enchanted world. Here you encounter powerful passions, stirring adventures and dark enemies whom you must battle and defeat. You bring back new skills, new weapons and new ideas t...  Read more